Which Schools Offer Forensic Science Degree Programs in ...

Forensic Nursing Schools In Delaware

Forensic Nursing classes faculty can choose to work at one of 7 accredited forensic nursing schools in Delaware. The graphs, statistics and analysis below outline the current state and the future direction of academia in forensic nursing in the state of ...

Forensic Nursing Schools In Georgia

There are 38 accredited forensic nursing schools in Georgia...

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Forensic Nurse: Career Guide - Criminal Justice Degree Schools

Steps for Becoming a Forensic Nurse

Aspiring forensic nurses start the process by enrolling in an associate's or a bachelor's degree program in nursing. Due to the increased demand for forensic nursing, many nursing schools are now offering forensic science-related courses, such as victimology, forensic mental health, and perpetrator theory. Universities also offer forensic certification programs...

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School of Nursing | Duquesne University

Best Graduate Schools - Doctor of Nursing Practice degree 2019

U.S. News & World Report

Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs for Veterans 2018

U.S. News & World Report

Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs 2018

Number of times designated as a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence

A Diverse Offering of Programs

No matter where you are in your life and career journey, the School of Nursing has a program to fit your needs:


BSN - This traditional, four-year degree program is for graduating high school and transfer students who want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

BME/BSN �- A new, innovative 5-year dual degree...

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Top Forensic Nursing Schools

University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing - Certificate in Forensic Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting

The University of Pittsburg's School of Nursing was among the top ten programs in the country according to the 2011 list. It offers one classroom based and a practicum based course in various fields of forensic nursing as part of their general nursing curriculum.

University of Colorado, Beth-El...

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Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Program | Duquesne ...

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree enables the graduates to transform the health care delivery system and design new systems to improve the context in which health care is offered. Nurses prepared at the DNP level will function from a strong evidence based foundation, effectively assessing health care policy, organizational effectiveness, and economic trends in health care to design new...

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Online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program - Duquesne University

NEW! MSN Concentrations

Nursing Education Concentration

MSN students complement their Forensic Nursing or FNP degree with the core competencies of the academic Nurse Educator role. Graduates confidently expand their practice to include teaching in their advanced practice role. The Nursing Education Concentration also meets the eligibility criteria to sit for the Certified Nurse Educator designation sponsored by the National League for Nursing.

The Concentration in Nursing Education requires 9 credits of theory courses:

GNED 507 Foundations in Education Theory for Professional Practice - 3 credits

GNED 522 Innovative Curriculum Design and...

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Online Forensic Nursing Program | Master's Degree In ...

She is more than a professor of forensic nursing. She's a pioneer in the field. Not only did she develop one of the first Master of Science programs offering a specialty in forensic nursing, but she also now leads our forensic nursing graduate programs. She's passionate about educating the next generation of forensic nurses. And she's ready to teach you.

Director of Forensic Nursing Graduate...

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Undergraduate Certificate in Nursing Forensics - Penn State World Campus

Professionals trained in forensic nursing are often the first line of defense for these victims when they enter the health care system.

With the patient as the first priority, the actual role of forensic nurses goes far beyond medical care. They have specialized knowledge of the legal system and skills in injury identification, evaluation, and documentation. Often their proper observation,...

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What does RN-BSN mean? (Nursing)? | Yahoo Answers


What does RN-BSN mean? (Nursing)?

I'm confused on the meaning of RN-BSN. Does this mean that when you are a registered nurse, you go get your bachelors? That dosen't make sense to me because I thought you needed your Bachelor's to become an RN. I'm graduating high school this year and interested in becoming an RN(hopefully an NP... show more I'm confused on the meaning of RN-BSN. Does this...

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Texas Nurses - LPN.com - LPN Programs, LPN Schools, and ...

Comfort Score Rank: #91 of 51

Benefit of RN Rank: #6 of 51

Avg. LPN Salary: $39,750

Top Cities in Texas for LPNs: Dallas , Houston , San Antonio , Austin , El Paso

Texas has a growing number of opportunities in the nursing field. Within the state, LPNs make up 28 % of nurses in the state. The Texas LPN comfort score is ranked 9th in the nation at 91. This takes into account the average LPN...

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Nursing School | Information, Requirements , and Overview

To enroll in a nursing program, it is generally required that students hold a high school diploma or GED to begin the program. Students can choose to attend vocational schools, nursing programs, 2-year colleges or universities, or 4 year colleges or universities, depending of the level of nursing education that the students desire.

The degree options that students are granted upon graduating from...

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How to Become a Registered Nurse | Career Trend

Registered nurses, or RNs, are part of the medical team that cares for patients. Common tasks include gathering a patient's medical history, administering medications, operating medical equipment and performing diagnostic tests. Specific tasks vary based on specialty and employer. For example, neonatology nurses care for infants while critical care nurses work with people who need intensive...

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10 Best Online Colleges for Nursing Degrees in 2017-18


AmeriTech College-Draper

Tuition & Fees/Year Tuition and fees per year refers to the average in-state tuition and required fees for full-time undergraduates and, if applicable, graduate students as of 2016, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.


Distance Education Participation Distance Education Participation refers to the percentage of students taking either some...

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Top 30 Online Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degrees ...

Top 30 Online Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degrees Ranked by Student-Faculty Ratio

By Sharon A. Takiguchi, RN, MS, APRN, DrPH

The online nursing programs cataloged below provide a thoughtful review of options for deciding on a graduate nursing program leading to a Master of Science in Nursing. This article focuses on faculty-to-student ratio. Enhanced learning opportunities can transpire...

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Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs - Nursing School Degrees

Find Accelerated BSN Programs by State

Accelerated BSN programs, similar to a second degree BSN programs, had their beginning at Creighton University over 30 years ago. Accelerated BSN programs have undergone many adjustments over the years and gained popularity in the early 1990's when nursing schools around the country began developing and offering their own accelerated nursing programs. The...

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Top LPN to BSN Programs in Virginia | Online & Campus Schools

Approximately 2.0% of graduates in of Virginia receive nursing degrees every year. Thus, Virginia's 50 LPN to BSN schools put out approximately 3,888 nurses each year.

Top Schools

The top-ranked school in Virginia with a LPN to BSN program is University of Virginia-Main Campus, which is located in Charlottesville. In 2010, it was ranked 10th nationwide. In 2010, University of...

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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Three Parts: Becoming a Registered Nurse Becoming a Nurse Practitioner Understanding Nursing Community Q&A

Nurse Practitioners are one of several types of advanced practice nurses who are important partners in the healthcare industry. They blend their clinical expertise in diagnostics and treatment with an emphasis on disease prevention and health management. Often a Nurse Practitioner works...

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View complete list of Minnesota Nursing Schools - free-4u.com

Minnesota Nursing Schools and Programs

Minnesota is full of fun with festivals, scenic drives, and has an abundance of every outdoor activity you may dream. Minnesota's true historical roots lie in the diversity of its people. With deep roots and a large population of Ojibwe and Dakota Native American traditions, the state is also a melting pot for Scandinavian traditions. Home to The Lost Forty...

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Find New York Nursing Schools & NY Online Degree Programs

Dozens of Nursing Schools Train RNs and LPNs in New York

Earn Your Degree and Grab a Long and Rewarding Job

New York is fertile ground for a nursing career. You can find work in the city or you can venture out into rural Upstate New York and find just as big a demand for well-educated nurses. Listed below are dozens of accredited nursing schools, all located in New York. What's really amazing is...

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Do Employers Take Online Degrees Seriously?

If I get an online college degree, will employers take it seriously? A guide about employers & online college degrees.

If you're looking to gain a competitive advantage in workplace, you'll need to distinguish yourself from the competition. Continuing your education is one way to achieve that goal and pursuing an online degree provides you with a flexible, convenient way to advance your skill...

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Criminal Justice Careers 2018

law enforcement degree

Criminal Justice Career Centers

Visit our criminal justice career centers below to learn all about specific careers in criminal justice and access our free informational resource pages. The following career fields offer promising job prospects, competitive pay, and are popular areas of study for criminal justice college students.

Police Officer Career Center

Learn about the...

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"RNCentral.com | Unlock Your Potential With an Online RN ...

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Sponsored Schools

RN Central provides working and prospective nurses with the information they need to research different nursing roles and disciplines, launch a new career in the field, or advance in a current one. Use our site to guide you through the online learning opportunities available for nurses who need more flexibility in their educational experience. Explore the options...

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Penn State World Campus | Bachelor of Science in Nursing ...

As nursing becomes more complex, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can help move your career forward. Our RN to BSN program builds and expands on the RN competencies needed to lead change and positively affect the health care industry. Earning a BSN degree can also properly prepare you to attend graduate school.

Why the RN to BSN Online Program at Penn State

Take classes anywhere�-- With Penn...

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Nursing Schools & Colleges

There are nursing schools in a wide variety of locations that can provide you with the training and skills necessary to achieve your goals.

You can train for a variety of career areas, including practical nursing, patient care technician training, certified nurse's aide training, registered nursing, and more. Depending upon the skill level attained, nurses may be called upon to provide bedside...

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Nursing Degree.org The Top Ten Most Influential Nurses in ...

There are somewhere around 2,600,000 nurses today. These are individuals who have dedicated their lives to caring for others. Even in a field with so many heroes, there are still a few stand outs. These are the ones who have gone the extra distance to advance their field and become leaders. While there are many people who certainly deserve to be on a list of influential American nurses, this list...

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Legal Nurse Consultant | Nursing Schools.net

Legal Nurse Consultant

What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?

A legal nurse consultant provides medical expertise in the proceedings of legal cases. They assist attorneys and other legal professions with interpreting complex medical records and charts, consulting on health care related topics and generally understanding medical terminology. Their duties can also include medical record research,...

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10 Incredibly Cool Nursing Jobs You Didn't Know Existed ...

10 Incredibly Cool Nursing Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

January 26th, 2011

By Kitty Holman

There are so many nursing specialties out there, it can be hard to keep track of just what opportunities are available for students in nursing school to pursue as a career. There may even be jobs that suit your needs and interests perfectly, but you had no idea they even existed as an option. Here are some...

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Montefiore School of Nursing - Montefiore Health System

Montefiore School of Nursing

Montefiore School of Nursing

Montefiore School of Nursing has been in the forefront of nursing education for over 100 years.�Based in Mount Vernon, New York, the�school is a�private, registered nursing program that offers a two-year associate's degree.�Graduates are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses, and the...

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Texas Online College Courses and Schools

Matching School Ads

Kaplan University

Advance your career and get the distinct competitive advantage you need with an online degree from Kaplan University. And do it without missing a day of work. Kaplan offers working adults like you online programs in Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, and Business. Don't need a degree? Kaplan University also offers Continuing Education certificates in Forensic Nursing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Life Care Planning, and Financial Planning.

More info...

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Registered Nurse Education Requirements

Registered Nurse Training

A Guide to the Registered Nurse Education Requirements

While the specific registered nurse education requirements can vary from one state to another, people interested in a nursing career will have to take courses in a variety of generic subjects including nutrition, pharmacology, anatomy and more.

Registered Nurse Education Requirements: The Specializations


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Online and Continuing Education at UMass Lowell

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Online MBA - AACSB Accredited

Earn your Master's Degree in Business Administration entirely online and choose from concentrations in Accounting, Information Systems, Finance and Marketing. Read more

Masters in Information Technology

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Masters in Information Technology

Interested in taking your technology career to new levels? UMass Lowell's MSIT program explores cutting...

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Master's Degree in Business Administration - Online MBA ...

MKTG.6700 International Marketing (3cr) - Available Summer 2018!

MKTG.6150 New Product Development (3cr)

MKTG.6250 Digital Marketing (3cr) - Available Summer 2018!

MKTG.6510 Sustainable/Green Marketing (3cr)

MKTG.6XXX Other Electives

The Benefits of Learning Online with UMass Lowell

The University has built a solid reputation by offering one of the largest selections of online programs available...

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Killeen, TX Accounting Nursing IT Business Healthcare School

Campus Locations & Online Programs

Killeen, Texas

Welcome to National American University - Killeen, conveniently located close to Fort Hood. Established in 2016, the Killeen location is dedicated to serving active-duty, reserve, National Guard, and retired military personnel, as well as military families, veterans receiving VA benefits, DOD employees and their dependents, base contractors, and...

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