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LPN to RN bridge programs.

LPN to RN bridge programs are accelerated degree paths offered at colleges for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to become registered nurses (RNs). LPNs already possess certain nursing skills, so bridge classes are meant to bring LPNs \"up to speed\" on advanced nursing concepts. There are several colleges in Tennessee that offer LPN to RN bridge programs. There are also...

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Accelerated BSN programs, similar to a second degree BSN programs, had their beginning at Creighton University over 30 years ago. Accelerated BSN programs have undergone many adjustments over the years and gained popularity in the early 1990's when nursing schools around the country began developing and offering their own accelerated nursing programs. The...

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Inventory of Programs - Motlow State Community College ...

Programming Concentration (A.A.S.) ��


Motlow State Community College, as part of the Tennessee Board of Regents'�Vision 2003: Tennessee Head Start's Academic Excellence Model, offers an Early Childhood Education major. The purpose of this model is to create a Head Start statewide early childhood academic degree and professional/career development model that...

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