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Associate Degree Nursing Programs Texas | 2 Year Nursing ...

Associate Degree Nursing Programs in Texas

One of the ways to become a registered nurse is to complete an associate degree nursing program.

The Associate Degree Nursing program (ADN) enables graduate nurses to take the NCLEX-RN examination and obtain a license for practicing nursing. Associate degree nursing programs usually take two years to complete and are offered by community colleges and...

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Associate Degree Nursing Programs in Texas - Texas Nursing Schools

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Programs

North Harris Community College - Houston

2700 W.W. Thorne Drive, Houston, TX 77073

McLennan Community College - Waco

1400 College Drive, Waco, Texas 76708

McLennan Community College offers a two-year Associate Degree Nursing program which consists of ten academic courses which may be taken before admission into the program, ten nursing courses and three...

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Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Programs in Texas

Emory, TX

Accelerated Second-Degree Nursing Programs

These are second degree accelerated nursing programs for individuals with a Bachelor's Degree in a discipline other than nursing.

Texas Christian University Harris School of Nursing

2800 West Bowie Street, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Several routes for obtaining a nursing degree are available at Texas Christian University. Those who already posses a...

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Bachelor Degree Nursing Programs in Texas | TX BSN

Dallas, TX

Bachelor's Degree Nursing Programs

Bachelor of Science nursing degrees typically take four years to complete. This type of program is offered mostly by universities, it is longer in duration and more expensive to complete than an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program.

BSN programs prepare professional nurses and focus not only on basic nursing knowledge and skills but on building...

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