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RN-to-BSN Programs & LPN-to-BSN: Online Bachelors of ...

Earn the Versatile BSN Degree and Gain More Career Leverage

Most In-Demand Degree for Nurses

A Bachelors' degree in Nursing, the Bachelor of Science Degree (BSN) is one of the most professionally in-demand within the field. From this degree vantage point, nurses have dozens of subspecialties open to them. In some cases professional nurses may earn advanced degrees that give them exponential...

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Get Benefits With a Nursing Degree While Studying Online

How to Find High-Quality Distance Nursing Education

Popular Online Nurse Schools

Kaplan University - Certificates, Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Programs. A leading name in education since 1938, Kaplan has a wide array of continuing education opportunities serving roughly 37,000 enrolled students.

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Walden University - Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees. Specializing in...

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Find a Nursing School Near You - Online Nursing Degrees

Find a Nursing School Near You

Campus and Online Programs in Massachusetts

The nursing shortage is and will be for a long time to come the biggest issue of the day in healthcare, in Massachusetts as well as across the nation. However, Massachusetts currently is attempting to address its shortage issues with legislation that makes nurse-patient ratios an industry standard.

Critical Job Vacancies...

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Find New York Nursing Schools & NY Online Degree Programs

Dozens of Nursing Schools Train RNs and LPNs in New York

Earn Your Degree and Grab a Long and Rewarding Job

New York is fertile ground for a nursing career. You can find work in the city or you can venture out into rural Upstate New York and find just as big a demand for well-educated nurses. Listed below are dozens of accredited nursing schools, all located in New York. What's really amazing is...

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What You Need to Become a RN - Online Nursing Degrees

What You Need to Become a RN

Empowered to Pursue Specialties & Advanced Degrees

Registered Nurses are in the nursing catbird seat. They have already earned at least a two-year Associates degree in Nursing , many a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). With a RN license nurses may work in any patient care environment they wish as well as engage in exciting jobs like travel and cruise nursing...

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Online Nursing Certificate Programs & Online Nurse Diplomas

Graduate Certificates

Online Certificate Programs

A number of colleges offer online nursing certificate programs , including the University of Phoenix, Post University, Drexel University, Kaplan University, and Lewis University.

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Request information about online nursing certificate programs

Work While Learning

Nursing diploma programs are part of a dying breed. Once...

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Online Certified Nursing Assistant Programs ~ CNA Degrees

Nursing Assistants

Certified Nursing Assistant Degree Programs

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is responsible for a variety of basic patient care services. They work under the supervision of a nurse to provide assistance with daily living tasks. Some of the duties that a CNA might perform include personal hygiene and bathing, assistance with eating, helping nurses set up and monitor...

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Online Certified Nursing Assistant Schools

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is responsible for many basic patient care services. Working under the supervision of a nurse, they assist with personal hygiene, helping patients to eat and with assisting nurses in their duties, such as setting up or monitoring medical equipment and checking patient vital signs. Because of their close contact with patients, they can also be a valuable...

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Nursing Licenses Defined - Online Nursing Degrees

Nursing Licenses Defined

Degree Levels and Licensure Indicate Type

Taken in a large group, nurses can best be categorized according to their industry licensure and any further specialized credentials. These categories often denote a particular degree level attained, type of work environment, and even salary range.

Licensed Practical Nurses , sometimes interchangeably called Licensed Vocational...

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