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Top Online Nursing Degrees in Michigan + Best MI LPN RN ...

Become a Nurse at a School in Michigan: Get RN or LPN Licensed

Practical Nurse, ASN, BSN, MSN, Doctoral Degrees: Online and Campus-Based

Check out the list of Michigan nursing schools below. In among the nearly 3 dozen listed you'll discover all types of nursing schools--vocational, community college, private college, and major university--as well as degrees--LPN, ASN, BSN, MSN, and even Doctoral...

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Top Online Nursing Degrees in Ohio - Best Nursing Schools ...

Launch Your Nursing Career with a Degree in Ohio

Study for Your RN or LPN License Online or On-Campus

From hospital diploma and community colleges to major medical universities, Ohio's schools of nursing run the gamut. In the last few years the nursing shortage has worsened across the country due to a handful of complex healthcare problems, not the least of which is attracting nursing recruits...

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Florida Nursing Schools and Resources - Best Nursing Schools With The Top Online ...

Florida Nursing Schools and Resources

Search Accredited Schools of Nursing in FL - Student Nurse Degree Programs for LPNs and RNs

Once upon a time the educational track to a nursing degree was narrow and certainly not one pursued by just anyone. The nursing career is still not pursued by just anyone, but the means by which you earn a nursing degree are now much more streamlined and accessible. In...

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Nursing School Prerequisites


Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Schools Admission

Be prepared to meet the degree and school requirements and you have a better chance of your nursing school application process running smoothly--no hitches. Find out what entrance exams are necessary, required components for an application, and tips for ensuring success.

What You Need to Get Into Undergraduate Nursing...

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Get a Nursing Degree in California & Boost Your Nursing Career

Get a Nursing Degree in California & Boost Your Nursing Career

Study Nursing at a Top School in Cali

California faces a serious nursing shortage like many other states, but has taken proactive steps to curtail those shortages. Those action measures are big benefits for student nurses. In the last few years the state has increased the number of RN education programs AND therefore been able to ramp...

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New Jersey Nursing Schools – Accredited Degree Programs ...

New Jersey Nursing Schools - Accredited Degree Programs for Student RNs and LPNs

Boost Your Career Potential with a Nursing Degree

When it comes to narrowing down your nursing school options in New Jersey, consider this: on the list below you'll find well over 3 dozen schools, all accredited by either the CCNE or the NLNAC, and representative of just about any type of nursing degree you could...

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Nursing Degrees at the Community College Level Include ...


Community College Nursing Programs

The Associates Degree in Nursing, or the ADN, continues to be one of the most popular avenues to a solid career as a nurse. Community colleges across the country remain the stronghold for delivery of these programs. But besides the ADN degree track most community colleges also provide a practical nurse program. The push is on in the industry to get...

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Standards for Nursing School Accreditation


Accreditation and Schools of Nursing

Accreditation of educational institutions is widespread. Various accrediting bodies are in business to accredit general post-secondary institutions, and include Higher Learning Corporation, Distance Education and Training Council, and the Commission on Higher Education. But what accrediting agencies handle accreditation for nursing schools?

Two main...

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Flight Nurse Education and Nursing School Requirements


Want to Be a Flight Nurse? Where Do You Go to School?

If you're an adrenaline junkie and considering nursing as a field then flight nurse might be on your career radar. What kind of chops does it take to climb into one of those cool jumpsuits and wing it out to some Level 1 Trauma accident or mini disaster?

Role of the Flight Nurse

RNs that make it onto a plane or rescue helicopter have...

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Applying to Nursing School – Tips, Interviews, Campus ...

all of these is an important component in the admissions and application process. Even more imperative is this question you must ask of yourself:

Are you nursing school material?

Before you even apply to a school of nursing hopefully you've explored your inner desires to explore this career option in the first place.

Does nursing seem appealing to you?

What about it is attractive?

Do you...

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