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View complete list of Minnesota Nursing Schools -

Minnesota Nursing Schools and Programs

Minnesota is full of fun with festivals, scenic drives, and has an abundance of every outdoor activity you may dream. Minnesota's true historical roots lie in the diversity of its people. With deep roots and a large population of Ojibwe and Dakota Native American traditions, the state is also a melting pot for Scandinavian traditions. Home to The Lost Forty...

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View complete list of Texas Nursing Schools -

Texas Nursing Schools and Programs

Texas, proudly known as the "Lone Star" state, has amazing diversity in all aspects of food, people, languages, cultures, and geography. Encased by Mexico, the U.S., and the Gulf of Mexico, there are many adventures to experience in the largest state in the continental United States. There are heritage festivals, rodeos, bike rallies, beaches, and the great...

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View complete list of Ohio Nursing Schools -

Ohio Nursing Schools and Programs

Ohio is known as the "Buckeye State" for its prevalence of Buckeye Trees, and, as such, Ohioan's are also known as the "Buckeyes". If you are interested in relocating to Ohio, one great fact to remember is that Ohio is located within a day drive of 50 percent of US states which helps America easily get there to enjoy an adventure away from home. From rural...

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View complete list of New Jersey Nursing Schools -

New Jersey Nursing Schools and Programs

New Jersey is a melting pot of cultures and people, since Jersey City was the first or final destination for many immigrants throughout history. New Jersey is very small in size, however has nice white sandy beaches and small resort towns that are popular summer destinations. Home to the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, this is 172-foot-tall red and white...

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List of 85 Georgia Colleges and Universities -

Georgia Scholarships

Catherine E. Miles Doctoral Fellowship

Scholarship for doctoral students enrolled full-time at Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business School of Accountancy. Students must demonstrate academic achievement. Deadlines and award amounts may vary. more...

Martin-Marietta Freshman Tuition Scholarship

Scholarship for undergraduate students attending Georgia...

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